Nigar Rzayeva

“Throughout history, unity has been the cornerstone of prosperity of any nation. Joint work of just two people with the goal of creating something beautiful, no matter what sphere of human activity it relates to, is a major benevolent force. Big ideas uniting true artists turn them into allies. True creators, working together, while retaining their individuality, possessed by their passion for love and art.

I consider any creative idea, even a very unassuming one, which has a person and their spiritual beginning as its centerpiece truly great. History has proven time and time again that only unions like these and joint labor that accompanies them can affect global processes of creation and cultural development of a nation, thereby influencing the prosperity of society as a whole.

Supporting creative youth and giving them an opportunity to demonstrate their talent is undoubtedly a noble cause. But it’s no less important to remind people that all of us - every single person - can help another and inspire them to create together. If people are close morally and spiritually with pure genuine intentions, we triumph. We celebrate yet another victory of the law of life and beauty.

The search for yourself and the truth, the discovery of your inner world, the creation of beauty – these are the starting points and the engines that power artistry. Of course, everyone goes on their own journey of discovery, and there comes a moment, when after attaining greater knowledge and spiritual growth, one starts to feel the need for further growth and expression of their creative energy. By teaming up and taking on artistic projects, together, like-minded people can fulfill their potential and become a source of great energy.”

Vusala Agharaziyeva

«The idea of founding «Yaradan» creative union was born along with the idea of the project «Children-Creators». Prior to that, «Yaradan» was just the name for my exhibition, that has brought together people of various directions of art to create their works in the context of this project.

The exhibition was in December 2017 in the Kasum bey (VII century) hamam in Icheri Sheher. Five creative people came together to form “YARADAN”: a painter, composer, photographer, videographer and a writer. All participants were connected by one idea:

  • I, as an artist, was creating «Tree of Life» or «World Tree» installation;
  • Elchin Kuliev, as a videographer, made a short movie about the creative union, where he emphasized individuality of each participant and the beauty of our nature;
  • photographer Leyli Alekberova created photo portraits that stresses a strong inner world of each participant;
  • Anar Yusufov, inspired by the idea of the project, composed the music for the film with the same title “Yaradan”.
  • Writer Nigar Rzayeva approached the project in the literary context by writing her own vision of the idea in her book named also «The Creator».

First project of «Yaradan» creative union is a charity project «Children-Creators» launched in January 2018. During the same period of time staff of “Yaradan” creative union and participants of “Children-Creators” have formed. The symbol of «Yaradan» is a «Tree of Life», which is also a symbol of ancient Turkic shamans and means a tree that links from the centre of the Earth and beyond the world up to the North Star. This tree with its branches was letting shamans to travel from the Earth to high spheres.

Thus, «Yaradan» creative union is a public non-profit organization that unites people engaged in the field of art and representatives of other various careers. The union is created in order to achieve social, charitable, cultural, educational goals and is engaged in the implementation, support and promotion of projects, individuals associated with all spheres of art, educational and cultural programs for children and adults. At the essence of any project that we realize is a person, his spiritual education and creative development.»